The Puppet

or, The Lord High Executive

Book by Joe Augustinsky and Brian Davenport

Music and Lyrics by Mark Wurzelbacher

A new musical, in development.

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Though they seem old now, Gilbert & Sullivan were prolific composers in their day, unafraid to use their signature styles to comment (with a wink) on the political doings of their time.  Now, in one of the most controversial political periods in American history, the composers of The Puppet bring G&S' signature style of patter and poetry to a show about something that seems so very far away: The 2020 election.  Join a cast of characters not-so-subtlely standing in for political figures you know and love to hate, as we look three years into the future at the topsy turvy doings of what promises to be another truly historic election.


An interview with Madison's WORT 88.9FM 8 O'Clock Buzz, previewing our staged reading: