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"I feel like I can play the music so much better now that I understand it"
"Mistakes mean I'm learning."
"Can we have a longer lesson? I don't want to leave."
     -all quotes from students

Out of all my weekly activities, teaching is the most consistent source of joy. Nothing beats the feeling you get when a student finally "gets it," and you can see their eyes light up with wonder and inspiration. I currently teach around 40 private piano students, ages 5-adult, and every one of them has their own unique style of playing, their own way of connecting with and interpreting the music. It's my goal as a teacher to help them discover and develop that style. Whether a student grows up to become a professional musician or simply likes going to concerts and listening to the radio, I want to ignite a passion for music that will stay with them the rest of their lives.

If you are interested in lessons for you or your child, send me a message!


In my lessons, I like to focus on building facility in what I view as some of the core tenets of successful and enjoyable musicianship: sight-reading, ear training, and understanding of theory. I was classically trained, so I have knowledge and ability in classical style and technique, but I work professionally in popular music styles (musicals, pop/rock, jazz) and like to offer a mix to the student. I know I had difficulties at times when I was taking lessons staying focused enough to practice the "boring" stuff (drills and technique-building exercises), so I strive to make sure the student understands the importance of technique while keeping the process as engaging and relevant as possible. One of my top goals is to get my students excited to come back for their next lesson!

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